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Tips for a Smooth Water Damage Insurance Claim

Insurance claims for water damage can be hassle free with a contractor who can directly deal with the homeowner’s insurance provider.

One of the things some homeowners dread about water damage restoration is the paperwork and legwork that come with insurance claims. Moreover, surprises on what is covered, and what should be paid for out of pocket is yet another concern property owners have as they deal with insurance claims.

The San Diego Water Damage Restoration Contractors’ Association says, homeowners should not worry much about this aspect since there are restoration contractors that can directly deal with their client’s insurance claims. Such service means a lot because it takes one huge task off of the already burdened shoulder of a homeowner reeling from flood or water damage in his home.

The Extension Disaster Education has come up with a guideline that will help homeowners deal with the filing of their water or flood damage insurance claims. The first step they mentioned is to immediately get in touch with the insurance representative and inform him about the concern, Such communication should be documented on the homeowner’s part.

“Make a detailed list of lost or damaged property. Videotape or photograph damaged property before beginning any repairs. Do not throw away damaged property without your adjuster's approval. Try to document the value of each object lost. Bills of sale, canceled checks, charge account records, and insurance evaluations are good evidence. If you have no such records, estimate the value, and give purchase place and date of purchase. Include this information with your list.”

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More Tips on Insurance Claims

Insurance provider Nationwide also published its share of tip filing for homeowner’s insurance claims.

“If you have to move temporarily, save your receipts. If the damage to your residence is so extensive that you must relocate for a while, your policy may help cover those costs. Save hotel and restaurant receipts – and discuss with your agent how to submit them for reimbursement.  Make yourself available. Be reachable and ready to talk with your insurance agent and claims adjuster after you file a claim. The faster you can answer questions and provide necessary information, the faster your claim can be processed.”

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All these steps though can be bypassed by the homeowner should he decide to hire the services of a damage restoration contractor who can directly deal with his insurance firm. All the property owner has to do is preserve the damaged area so that the contractor can do the appropriate documentation, inventory and reporting.

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